Eliminate Bladder & Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
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D-Mannose is a simple sugar. Simple sugars are made up of only one or two molecules and are processed so quickly in the digestive system that the pancreas does not detect them as a sugar that requires insulin for it to be absorbed into the blood stream. It should not affect your blood sugar level, though you should continue to monitor the glucose levels in your blood while taking this product, just to be sure.
Eliminate Bladder & Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

D-Mannose for UTI

is 100% Guaranteed to Eliminate Bladder Infection & Urinary Tract Infection!

Order all natural, antibiotic-free treatment for Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)!

Safe. Effective. Fast. Affordable. Treat urinary tract infections without the use of traditional antibiotics. We unconditionally guarantee our UTI Slip D Mannose! Order UTI Slip D-Mannose.

How does D Mannose treat Bladder & Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

Urinary Tract Infections are treated safely and quickly without the use of antibiotics. The problem with traditional antibiotics is that they kill bacteria indiscriminately. There are over 1,000 species of "good bacteria" in the human body - each with their own "job" to do. UTI Slip D Mannose treats urinary tract infection (UTI) quickly and safely by causing the bacteria to be flushed right out of your body. No bacteria, no infection.


Amber, Perth, Western Australia

I just had to send this email regarding the UTI Slip. I am on my third bottle but the first two i wasn't serious about.... i suppose i just didn't really believe that anything was going to help the pain and suffering i was in every day.

After around 6yrs of taking antibiotics at a rate of 3-4 tablets a week (i was put on more of a preventative dose as i had been taking them for so long) watching what i ate, drinking heaps of water, cranberry, kidney and liver tonics and herbs, etc... and still getting pain and suffering - i really thought i was going to suffer this the rest of my life, and i'm only 42!!!! i have been to the doc's so many times i can't count and was being sent to a specialist
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"Dear Mitch,

I would be very happy for you to use my testimonial because I know first-hand how effective this product is and it's such a shame and almost unforgivable that doctors are not recommending this product to all women in need."


I want to thank you with all my heart for saving my mothers life. mom nearly died twice this year. She has always had a chronic cystitis that was kept under control for many years w/ a med. called sulfa salyzine( obviously do not know spelling)it stopped working. the docs found nothing to help her. she was having the spillage of e- coli and was in the hospital for 2 weeks.. my husband went on line and found your site. He ordered utislip-urinary pure dmannose which apparently produces a slippery condition so that the e-coli cannot attach and swim up into vagina and get into areas of the body where it shouldn't be.for 2 months now she has had excellent tests and is sick no more. Thank you and pass this on.


For several years I was having recurring UTIs and seemed to move  
from one antibiotic to another. I saw a specialist who sort of  
suggested this was part and parcel of being a woman! Not very  
impressive! I decided to go on line and research this topic for  
myself. With some skepticism I ordered D-Mannose and started to take it. That was over four years ago and I have not had a UTI since! That  
is not to say I have never had a threat of one, but as soon as I was  
suspicious there was the beginning of an infection I immediately  
started the D-Mannose again and it went away. I have told my Canadian  MD about this product and she is recommending it to her patients.  I  have been telling anyone who asks and the puzzle for me is that often people don't grab at a chance to avoid too many antibiotics. In an  age when we are seeing a development of resistant bacteria, it seems to me that being able to avoid building up an antibiotic immunity would be very attractive. I am very appreciative of finding a product that is so effective. I wish it were available in Canada!


Hi there lovely people at Wellness Partners

I am a customer of yours. I have sung the D-Mannose praises to many people - my doctor being one of them, she now sells this in her clinic and thanks me so much each time I see her for introducing it to her. Everyone who has tried it loves it. I wish I had found this many years ago!

I would like the opportunity also to raise awareness of this product - it's just too good & no one knows about it. 

Hoping you can help me - I truly thank you in advance.
Best regards
Hong Kong

Dear Sir,

I am a 43 years old spanish woman. I live in Madrid and I have been suffering from increasingly more frequent episodes of UTI (5 or 6 a year lately) since I gave birth to my now 7 years old child. I suffered from the "honey moon cystitis", which has originated me personal problems besides from the strictly medical ones. Over these year I have been treated by general practitioners, urologists, I have undergone scanners, echographies, I have made many antibiograms,I have tried several natural treatments, cranberry, gayuba, acupuncture, homeopathy,..but nothing has helped me. I was tired of taking different kinds of antibiotics and I was developing resistance to them, which I consider to be one of the biggest health and environment problems of our time. But then I found your web page in Internet, I ordered D-Mannose and, I know that this might seem naive and something stupid to say, but it has changed my life!! I would like to thank you for your help and I would like to help other women to get to know you too. Over this last years I have read comments from many women in internet forums from different european countries regarding this matter and I have realized that many of them are desperate to find a solution to their problem.  I have been treated by many general practitioners, urologists, homeopathic doctors, but none of these doctors  has even mentioned the existence of d-mannose. Please let me know if I could help to spread the good news of your D-mannose treatment here, I could even cooperate with you somehow to market your product in my country. Once again, congratulations and thank you very much for your help!!

Sincerely yours,


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See our FAQ section to learn how UTI Slip D Mannose keeps bacteria out of your urinary tract.

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